Got a sweet deal on an industrial laser!

I got a really good deal on a functional industrial laser marking system on eBay. It is a VideoJet 3120 10 W laser that uses galvanometers to direct the laser beam. This makes it really fast. This leaser… Read More

My Shop Is Unpacked!

Being low on the priority list, my shop has been in disarray since moving in. Last weekend I finally unpacked all of the boxes and got it set up. I need to organize my piece-parts and put up… Read More

What is wrong with me?

The last time I put a smart-ass sticker on the back of my car, it resulted in a ticket. Maybe this one will be okay. My vinyl cutter has cost me a lot more than I first calculated.

3rd-Party Filament on Da Vinci miniMaker Printer

So I picked up a barely used Da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer on eBay. It was very cheap ($24) because it was listed as “not working”. The description said it was missing the power supply. When it arrived… Read More

Hack The Box

After completing the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification, I found myself lost. It is difficult to keep my skills on point while maintaining my “whitehat” status without a lot of overhead work in maintining a target network…. Read More