Got a sweet deal on an industrial laser!

I got a really good deal on a functional industrial laser marking system on eBay. It is a VideoJet 3120 10 W laser that uses galvanometers to direct the laser beam. This makes it really fast. This leaser… Read More

My Shop Is Unpacked!

Being low on the priority list, my shop has been in disarray since moving in. Last weekend I finally unpacked all of the boxes and got it set up. I need to organize my piece-parts and put up… Read More

Runner-Up for Contest

I earned a runner-up spot for the WIZnet contest. They sent me a free prototyping kit based on the idea for my project and are now giving me some cash. Thank you WIZnet!  

3rd-Party Filament on Da Vinci miniMaker Printer

So I picked up a barely used Da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer on eBay. It was very cheap ($24) because it was listed as “not working”. The description said it was missing the power supply. When it arrived… Read More

WIZnet WIZ750SR contest on submission

I finally completed my project for submission to the WIZnet contest. You can read all about the project here… Here is the content of my GRBL configuration file : $0=10 (step pulse, usec) $1=25 (step idle… Read More

3D Printer Auto-Calibration

So, I built my 3D printer several years ago when SainSmart offered to sponsor my build with their new line electronics. They sent me a RAMPS 1.4 board, Arduino Mega 2560, endstop switches, Smart LCD control panel, and… Read More

Wiznet Contest

Thanks Wiznet and for selecting my project proposal and sending me a free dev-kit! Now time for integration! My proposal consists of integrating the¬†WIZ750SR-EVB module with the CNC Shield to network-connect CNC devices. This could be very… Read More

DEFCON 23 Robot Competition 1st Place!

I won first place this year! Big thank you to the contest volunteers, sponsors, and competitors!

DEFCON 22 Robot Competition 3rd Place

I first started with a design similar to the reference robot using servos and a laser cut platform. I also used the Arduino and Processing code from¬†Project Sentry Gun. I simply modified the Arduino code to handle a… Read More

GPS AdventureBox Kickstarter

The GPS AdventureBox Kickstarter project was a success! As seen on: