Some recent 3D prints

I made some time-lapse videos of 3D prints I did while working on other projects.

Time-Lapse 3D Print on Da Vinci miniMaker with 3rd-Party Filament

Thought I would share a time-lapse video I made using my SunPak 4K action camera ($28 knock-off of a GoPro). I printed a cool honeycomb pen holder (STL file found here on Thingiverse).

3rd-Party Filament on Da Vinci miniMaker Printer

So I picked up a barely used Da Vinci miniMaker 3D printer on eBay. It was very cheap ($24) because it was listed as “not working”. The description said it was missing the power supply. When it arrived… Read More

Obligatory shop lighting upgrade

It only makes sense to upgrade the lighting in my shop to “enhance” my 3D printing and laser cutting endeavors.

3D Printer Auto-Calibration

So, I built my 3D printer several years ago when SainSmart offered to sponsor my build with their new line electronics. They sent me a RAMPS 1.4 board, Arduino Mega 2560, endstop switches, Smart LCD control panel, and… Read More